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Wink-wink and your screencast is ready

At work, while creating content for the Architecture wiki (implemented with DokuWiki – see post), I need to create several screencasts where I can pause the demo, show some explanations using callouts and let users resume/proceed. Camtasia is the “Queen” of capture to Flash software. But since we need quite a few people to be able to do that, I turned to free software, and last year, I discovered Wink.

With Wink, I can either pick a window to record or an area of the screen. Then I can trigger the recording based on either timing (every 4 seconds) or by mouse or keyboard events. I can then stage your demo, record, pause, make some adjustments, and resume.

Once recorded, each screen within the screencast can be edited individually. That is you can add callout, notes, shapes, text as well as navigation button to make it easier for the person watching the screencast to resume after a pause.

Then you can create a Flash file that can be embedded into your page! In DokuWiki, it’s easy you create a link like so:


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