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Tweets on Rails

Over the last couple months I have been experimenting with Twitter as a way to do some micro-blogging. In general I prefer blogging about a topic rather than just something I am doing. Micro-blogging is a nice and convenient way to synch up with your fellow geeks on your geek activities.

I actually came to Twitter throught reading about site using Ruby on Rails. And recently while investigating cloud computing I came across some very interesting articles about how Twitter (specifically Blaine Cook) scaled out their site:

Twitter has a channel for twitter4r, its Ruby API, which is now being moved from RubyForge to GitHub.

For this blog, I just added my last 5 “tweets” to my new “recent Twitter chatter” panel on the sidebar by following Remy Sharp’s excellent article.

The new gymnastics web site I am building using Rails will also have a dedicated Twitter channel, so I am planning on using twitter4r for that. Watch for updates on this in a month or so…

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